Every season, players from across North America as well as from Europe travel to Philadelphia, PA to be a part of the Philadelphia Revolution hockey program. Many of these players choose to live with a local host family throughout the season.Host families, or billet families, provide these athletes with an invaluable part of the junior hockey experience. These players are pursuing their dream of playing collegiate or even professional hockey throughout the United States, and for many this is their first experience living away from home. A host family becomes an extended family for these players, giving them the support and structure needed to help the player focus on advancing their hockey career.Hosting a junior hockey player is a great experience for the host, whether it is a family with young hockey players of their own, or an individual looking to influence the lives of young people. It is a great way to further connect with the local community, especially with other families involved in hockey throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area.More information and specifics of the Revolution billeting program is below. If interested in billeting a Revolution player, please contact Geoff Beauparlant at


Hosting, or “billeting”, a player is a hockey tradition.  From youth players in Canada, to junior players in the United States, to the AHL, and the NHL, the billeting tradition has helped many young athletes get acclimated to their new cities, schools, and teams. Host families from the local community, by opening up their homes to young athletes, provide these players the opportunity to pursue their dreams in a supportive and nurturing environment. Players arrive in the Philadelphia area in mid-late August and will stay through the end of the hockey season.  The season will typically end by mid-late March or early April.  Any players who need to attend high school will likely stay through the end of the school year, so that they can continue their education and off-season training. Host families will receive a monthly monetary stipend to offset expenses incurred by hosting, but the real benefit to host families is the lasting relationships formed with these young players and their families.


- Provide a furnished room for the player or a furnished room to share with another billet player.
- Provide nutritious meals for the player or have food on hand that the player can prepare on his own.
- Provide access to a bathroom, as well as common-areas such as living rooms, laundry room, etc.
- As a member of the family, our players are required to follow any house rules that you set for them. Provide them with a set of rules before they arrive, as well as help to enforce team rules relating to curfew, visitors, and standards of behavior.
- Comply with USA Hockey SafeSport screening requirements.
- Allow for a visit from a Revolution billet coordinator prior to the arrival of the player to ensure proper accommodations and conditions exist.
- Regularly communicate with the billet coordinator to ensure any issues are being dealt with properly and all concerned parties are enjoying the billeting experience.


- Follow all host family and team rules and show respect and consideration towards all family members.
- Provide their own bed and bath linens, personal care items, cell phones, and computers.
- Provide for their own transportation unless other arrangements have been made with the billet family.
- Take care of their room, including keeping it clean and doing their own laundry.
- Notify the host family of their whereabouts and stay in the billet home each night unless traveling with the Revolution.
- When traveling to away games, players are responsible for their own meals.
- Seek part-time employment or take high school or college courses in their free time.
- Make monthly stipend payments to the host family on the first of each month as negotiated between the players family and the host family.