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U14: Boston Breakout SuperSeries AAA: Top 150

10/18/2018, 1:15pm EDT
By Mike McGuillicudy

7 Rev Players make BB top 150

Congratulations to the 7- 04 Revolution players who made the Top 150 scouting list at the Boston Breakout!  This years breakout had 40+ teams in the 04 division and over 800 players. Thank you to

Your hard work is being noticed keep developing and pushing forward. You never know who is in the stands watching and when they will be there.

All players were evaluated solely on their performance at this particular event, and what follows are accounts of the performances that stuck out the most from our viewings. Additionally, nearly all of these writeups are new writeups for Neutral Zone. We did not assign grades as this was simply an opportunity to start to ID these players.

Top 100 Forwards

Nolan O’Toole #10 (F, R, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 04, late 2004)- is a throwback style hockey player. He is about as tough as you will see from a bantam player: we saw him injure his foot (unable to put any weight on it) late in the third period and then come back minutes later to score a game-changing goal for the Revolution with a hard wrister. At this stage in his development he is still growing but has good strength to drive hard to the net. In open ice he tends to slash his way through the zone as he enters the attacking space. He had consistent puck touches and made a lot of the best possession plays on his team. That toughness feeds his desire to win.

Gregory Diamond #68 (F, R, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 04, late 2004)- Has a pro-style body already at this age checking in at 6’ 175. He is the biggest player on the ice and uses his strength in leverage in order to win the puck in every battle. He can be crafty with his hands and a long stick in order to steal the puck and move in for a quick shot on net. He is still adjusting to that big frame and in time he will improve his game pace. In addition he will likely also learn to adapt his feet to match game speed as he progresses and gains more leg strength. Really effective down low, but will likely improve outside the blue paint.

Jimmy Duccilli #91 (F, R, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 04, late 2004)- continued to stick out the more we watched him play for the Revolution. As an attacker his game, he is most effective when protecting the puck and moving in for a quick shot. His wrister is hard and reaches the net more quickly than the goalie anticipates. He also does a nice job in front of the net attempting to clean up loose rebounds. There is more to see from him but his showing here was nice.

Julian Wagenmann #71 (F, L, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 04, 2004)- checks in at 5’9 and uses his size effectively at this level. He has a nice blend of size and speed: we saw him cut in on the rush evading a defender on his way to the net. He also looked effective rushing the puck from end-to-end gathering speed in the process. He has some clear upside but it may take some time to realize it fully.

Top 50 Defensemen

Ty Schiff #21 (D, R, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 2004, 2004)- saw much more ice time later in the game but made his shifts count. He maintains good gaps and has excellent mobility around the zone. We like his ability to take sharp angles to cut off would be rushers in odd man situations. He also maintains an active stick which allows him to rope off a section of the zone and deflect potential passes. He was keenly aware of where the threat of a shot was coming from and maintained good positioning. We would like to see him again in the near future.

Luke Panepresso #2 (D, L, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 04, 2004)- is a mobile puck mover with vision and awareness in his game. Checks in at 5’6 but most importantly we liked his ability on the breakout to carry it from his own end under duress and relieve the pressure. He is able to stop effectively and cut in the other direction to keep the opposing team guessing as well. We should see more from him in the coming seasons as he gets stronger.

Derek Steudler #4 (D, L, Philadelphia Revolution, Philadelphia Revolution 2004, late 2004)- is one of the smaller players on his team as a defenseman but he does whatever necessary to ensure that the team wins. He is willing to sacrifice his body in order to block shots and keep the goalie save total down. He also effectively uses his stick in order to poke the puck away from attackers. He keeps his head up in the offensive zone as well, moving the puck quickly from his perch on the PP. We were most impressed by the fact that he stays low to the ice and gains inside ice on other players to take pucks away. He will grow and get stronger but there are a lot of good fundamentals here.

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