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NEWS: 2006 Elite Team's Coaching Staff Announced

01/16/2020, 5:15pm EST
By Kyle McKenna - Communications

Rossi mans bench for 2006 Elite Team

Philadelphia, PA – The Philadelphia Revolution are proud to announce today that Steve Rossi was officially named the Head Coach of the 2006 Elite Team for 2020-21. Additionally, Geoff Beauparlant and Kevin Stepp were appointed as Assistant Coaches.

Prior to joining the organization two years ago, Rossi served behind the bench as a coach for 10 years and spent this season coaching the 2006 team. 

The newly appointed 2006 Elite coach addressed what’s intrigued him the most since joining the Revolution.

“The culture is what impresses me the most and that starts from the top,” said Rossi. “We put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the development of each and every player. Both on and off the ice. The amount of on-ice training, video sessions and professional off-ice training is unparalleled at this age.”

Rossi further commented on the development he’s witnessed with his respective age group.

“It is impressive to see the growth of this group over the past two years; to see our players compete against some of the top players in North America in incredibly rewarding.”

The longtime advocate of the game also hinted that while next season presents new challenges, there’s more reason to be excited.

“Witnessing how far this group has grown, both on and off the ice, from the beginning of the season until now is exciting,” said Rossi. “Seeing how well our team has responded to adversity over the past few months shows how far we have come as a group.

Myself, Geoff and Kevin are excited and ready to take the 2006 Revolution Elite Team to the next level. The future of this team is certainly on the rise.”

The 2006 Elite Team will play a “Tier 1” schedule and over 50 games next season.

For more information about the 2006 Elite Team, please contact Steve Rossi -

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