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03/24/2017, 5:45pm EDT
By PhillyRev

Program to play Tier 1 schedule at all levels

The Philadelphia Revolution organization has grown exponentially since its inception. When the Pulley family ventured into the ownership market, they started with a single team at the Jr. A level. That single team organization has developed into multiple teams at the Junior Hockey level and a full youth hockey program.

There comes a time in every process to take the next step. It would be easy to sit back and be happy with where the organization is at. However, a complacent staff would be doing a disservice to the players in the organization.

“We have a proven development model for placing players into NCAA college hockey programs,” said Revolution Assistant General Manager Jon Park. “Our ultimate goal is for all of our players to develop into college student-athletes.”

Every year, the quality and competitiveness of opposing teams has increased due to the Revolution’s development model. This model has attributed to over 100 players moving on to the NCAA Division I, II, III and professional ranks. The success of the teams has attracted some of the best and most respected programs from all regions of the country to be added to the Revolution schedule.

The Revolution has recognized the need to provide more. The program has implemented changes at every age group to take the next step in becoming THE premier hockey organization in the Philadelphia area.

Unlike teams who are locked into a league where they must play certain teams that will take up the majority of the season, the Revolution Elite program is an Independent hockey organization. This allows them the freedom to schedule games against any team in the country. As each season passes, they have attracted an immense amount of attention from scouts at the next level as well as the more established, high-end Tier I teams.

This has become the focal point for taking the Revolution to the next level. Elite players want to play for the best organizations that are also playing against the top competition.

It is with this point in mind that has brought about the necessary changes needed to be made with the organization. The Revolution have prepared to eliminate the lower end teams from their schedule and move to a complete Tier I schedule for every team. The Tier I teams included in the schedule will not be limited to the east coast. The Revolution will also have the opportunity to play the best teams from the midwest as well as the west coast.

“This is an important and necessary step for the Revolution program,” explained Revolution President and General Manager Chris Kanaly. “From the type of player we recruit to the on-ice and dryland training, everything we do in this program is to prepare our players to compete at the highest levels. The Tier I schedule that is being implemented will allow for greater exposure and the most competitive and complete brand of hockey available in the area.”

The Revolution staff is confident that the organization will grow even more with this decision. It gives each player the opportunity to play against the cream of the crop for the opposition. The organization will continue to provide the first class amenities that the players have become accustomed to, however, this will now include a game schedule filled with opponents of the absolute highest caliber.

The Revolution has always been a unique and different hockey program. They value their players’ best interests and development above all else. The decision to strengthen the level of opponents that all teams will play is a direct reflection of that.

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